Degrees in Fashion

Degrees in Fashion

Technical institutes typically offer a variety of two-year degrees and certificates in fashion design, while colleges and universities will offer both two-year, four-year, and even five-year programs.

Depending on the school, the department, and the program, you can enroll in Associate or Bachelor's degree in any of the following: Arts, Applied Arts, Fine Arts, Science, or Applied Science.

Degrees and certificates may be earned in different fashion design specialties, such as

  • Fashion design
  • Fashion merchandising
  • Digital apparel production
  • Merchandising technology

Students in other disciplines such as art, history, computers, or business may find it useful to their career path to minor in fashion design or merchandising.

Fledgling designers will find their chances of employment increased by having a strong portfolio, which employers review to see tangible evidence of the talents and capabilties of job candidates. Successful internships are also an employment asset.

Look for a school that offers internships as part of their fashion program. Good luck!

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