How to Choose a Fashion School

How to Choose a Fashion School

Consider the following when shopping for the fashion school that will fit you best.

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Degrees and Programs

The fashion industry is a $50 billion industry involving the work of thousands, including designers, patternmakers, sewing machine operators, marketers, and buyers. Which role in the fashion industry do you want to do? Schools that offer programs in merchandising, for example, may not also offer programs specifically for design.


You should also consider location for fashin school. Contacts with important industry professionals can be made during school.


Because it is an always-changing business, fashion programs should be taught by professionals who are currently working in the fashion industry. Curricula should cover a broad range of topics -- design programs should include design classes complemented by business and marketing classes, while fashion merchandising programs should also offer design, along with courses in business and analysis.

Fashion competitions offer excellent opportunities for designers to gain experience and recognition in the industry. Students might consider talking with alumni about their success and how important their education was to their careers. Also look at the career placement services offered by the schools you're considering.

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