Online Graduate Schools Most Popular Degrees

Online Graduate Schools Most Popular Degrees

Working professionals are finding that an online graduate degree is the perfect solution to the problem of wanting to get an advanced degree but not having the time for a traditional campus program. Here, we profile five of the most popular online graduate degrees:

Master of Business Administration
The MBA is by far the most popular online graduate degree, and with good reason. MBA holders report increased job opportunities and far higher salaries than do those with an undergraduate degree alone. A traditional MBA program involves two years of full-time study and many schools don't offer part time MBA programs. Studying for the MBA online offers a world of freedom - most programs allow students to work at their own pace, taking just one class at a time in many cases. Many online MBAs offer specialty areas, too, such as marketing, finance, or human resources.

Master of Health Management
Often included as a specialization in an MBA program, the master of health management degree is becoming increasingly sought after by nurses and other health care professionals looking to get into leadership positions in hospitals and other health care settings. Earning a master's degree online is especially convenient for nurses and others in health care, since most work odd hours and varying shifts and cannot always commit to a standard on-campus course schedule.

Master of Science in Information Technology
Degrees in computer-related areas continue to be incredibly popular, and as computer systems advance in sophistication, the market virtually demands the best and brightest information technology support staff. A master's degree in information technology is a surefire way to stay ahead of the competition, as well as keep you on top of what's going on in the industry. Earning an MS online is a great option for anyone who isn't interested in commuting to a campus and likes going to class at their convenience.

Master of Education
Teachers can earn many different graduate degrees online, including the master of education (M.Ed.) and master of arts (M.A.) in elementary and secondary education, special education, administration, curriculum and instruction, literacy, leadership, and more. Many states require teachers to earn a master's degree to maintain licensure after a certain period, and it's pretty much a requirement for any teacher who wants to advance to an administration position, such as principal or instructional coordinator. Dozens and dozens of accredited schools now offer online teaching degrees, making it extremely convenient for a working teacher to advance their credentials.

Master of Public Administration
Designed for public service professionals, the master's degree in public administration (and/or policy) is sort of like the MBA for non-profit and government employees. Many schools even offer public administration as a specialization in the MBA program. And just like online MBAs, an online MPA offers students all the convenience of attending classes at home, on your own schedule, at your own pace.

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