Top Fashion Internships: Best Places to Intern

Top Fashion Internships: Best Places to Intern

Are you a fashion student looking for an internship that will open up opportunities for the future? By now, you probably already know that the fashion industry is an incredibly competitive and cut-throat field.

However, with the proper education, talent, and skills, you can apply for a highly coveted (and competitive) fashion internship that might lead to a full-time job. See what you need and how you can apply to one of these leading institutions:

Top Places to Intern

Condé Nast – a major worldwide magazine publisher that puts out magazines like Teen Vogue, Vanity Affair, Glamour, and more. Interns here will have the potential to brush shoulders with world-famous designers while working with the nation’s top fashion editors. A variety of fashion internships are available based on your skills such as fashion blogger, beauty intern, and marketing or PR intern.

Harper’s BAZAAR – each semester this fashion magazine searches for a fashion intern that can assist them with responsibilities like sample trafficking, organizing the fashion closet, creating shoot boards, and assisting market editors with office duties. Interns will also be responsible for faxing, filing, and executing other administrative tasks. Aspiring fashion journalists will find internships at a fashion magazine especially rewarding since they’ll also be around notable copywriters and editors.

Fashion Labels – for fashion design students, an internship at a leading brand like Ralph Lauren, Hermes, or Salvatore Ferragamo would be ideal. While internships at fashion labels might also have you answering phones and making coffee, you’ll learn how to do vintage garment research and get a firsthand look at the design process (from inspiration to production), too.

Benefits of Interning

Not only will you gain real world insight into this creative industry, but your experience at a leading institution will give you an advantage over your competition. You’ll also get to work with talented individuals who help guide and drive the direction of leading brands today.

Some internships also lead to full-time jobs based on a company’s need and assessment of your performance. Even if your internship does not turn into a permanent position, ask your direct supervisor if you might be able to use them as a reference for future jobs.  

Basic Requirements for Internships:

All fashion internships ask for general knowledge about the fashion industry in addition to being responsible and hard working.

Prerequisites and application requirements will vary based on which fashion internship you apply for. For more competitive internships, you’ll be expected to have the following: resume and cover letter, a portfolio with your best work, essays, and transcripts. Because most internships are unpaid, you must be able to receive college credit as well.

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